Thinking Like Jesus

Scripture you should know by now:

2 Tim 3:16            Romans 15:4             Luke 8:18              John 6:29                    Mark 12:29-31   Titus 3:3-5                    1 Cor 1:30                   Eph 6:17 

  “In your lives you must think and act like Christ Jesus”  

 “Christ himself was like God in everything.”

Heb 12:13-15 “Keep on the right path, so the weak will not stumble but rather be strengthened.”   “Be careful that no one fails to receive God’s grace and begins to cause trouble among you”

John 5:24  “… whoever hears what I say and believes in the One who sent me has eternal life.   That person will not be judged guilty but has already left death and entered life.”

Eph 4:13(ncv) “…..We must become like a mature person, growing until we become like Christ and have his perfection”    

2 Cor 3:18  we are being changed to be like him.

1 John 3:7  “… do not let anyone lead you the wrong way.    Christ is righteous.   So to be like Christ a person must do what is right.”       (Heb 5:14  become mature enough to know the difference between good and evil)

Eph 4:13-17  Do not continue living like those who do not believe.   22 You were taught to leave your old self — to stop living the evil way you lived before.  23-24  you were taught to be made new in your hearts,  to become a new person.  That new person is made to be like God—

Remember Jesus saying:     Mat 9:13  and   Mat 12:7      “I desire mercy,    not sacrifice”    (Hosea 6:6    “I want people to know me”  )       

Luke 6:36-37  “Show mercy,  just as your Father shows mercy.  Don’t judge others, and you will not be judged. ….  Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”     

Matt 7:2(niv)  “For in the same way you judge others,  you will be judged,  and the measure you use,  it will be measured to you.”

John 7:24    “Stop judging by the way things look,   but judge by what is really right.”

Luke 6:40 “…the student who has been fully trained will be like the teacher.”

James 2:1, 9   …never think some people are more important than others.    9  if you treat one person as being more  important than another, you are sinning. 

James 2:12 .. you must show mercy to others,    or God will not show mercy to you ……

James 4:12  “God is the only Lawmaker and Judge.  He is the only One who can save and destroy.  So it is not right for you to judge your neighbor”

Lev 19:15 -18  Be fair in your judging.  You must not show special favor to poor people or great people, but be fair when you judge your neighbor.    Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Romans 2:1(ncv)           “If you think you can judge others, you are wrong.