2 Tim 3:16               Romans 15:4             Luke 8:18              John 6:29               Mark 12:29-31         Titus 3:3-5              1 Cor 1:30                  Eph 6:17                Acts 4:12               1 Thes 5:9    Phil 3:3                2 John 9             Romans 7:6          2 Tim 1:7             2 Peter 3:18         2 Tim 1:9


Romans 12:12   Be joyful because you have hope.  Be patient when trouble comes, and pray at all times.

Remember what Solomon (the wisest man ever) taught:

Ecc 7:14-25  When life is good, enjoy it. .. when life is hard, remember, God gives good times and hard times,… no one knows what tomorrow will bring.  Don’t be too right, and don’t be too wise...there is not a good person on earth who always does good and never sins.

              I can’t understand why things are as they are.  It is too hard for anyone to understand.

Ecc 9:7-10  So go eat your food and enjoy it; drink your wine and be happy,  because that is what God wants you to do.  Enjoy life with the wife you love. .. because it is all you have.  Enjoy the work you do here on earth… do your best.

Micah 6:8 The LORD has told you what he wants from you:  …do what is right…love being kind…live humbly..

Phil 2:12-15 Keep on working to complete your salvation with fear and trembling….Do everything without complaining or arguing.  Then you will be innocent and without any wrong.  You will be God’s children without fault.

James 5:8-9   …be patient;   strengthen your hearts… Do not give up hope…  do not complain or you will be JUDGED GUILTY.

James 5:12  …ABOVE ALL,  When you mean yes, say only yes, and when you mean no, say only no so you will not be JUDGED GUILTY.

Col 1:22 . so that he might bring you into God’s presence … with no wrong, and with nothing of which God can judge you guilty.   23  THIS WILL HAPPEN IF you continue strong and sure in your faith.

1 Cor 1:8  Jesus will keep you strong until the end so that there will be no wrong in you on the day our Lord Jesus Christ comes again.

Romans 14:10-12  So why do you judge your brothers or sisters in Christ?  … We will all stand before God to be judged. So each of us will have to answer to God.

2 Cor 5:10  …we must all stand before Christ to be judged…       (Luke 12:8)

1 Cor 1:30 Because of God you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God.  In Christ we are put right with God, and have been made holy, and have been set free from sin.

James 2:13  … But the person who shows mercy can stand without fear at the judgment.