Sermon Archive

Montana Family Camp, Labor Day Weekend

2007.  “Am I in This Picture?”  Rhys Thomas

2008.  “Encouragement”  Rhys Thomas

2009.  “Tackling the Impossible”  Rhys Thomas

2010.  “Be Anxious for Nothing”  Rhys Thomas

2011.  “Do You Find Perfection Stressful?”  Rhys Thomas

2012.  “The Family of God”  Rhys Thomas

2013.  “Liberty”  Rhys Thomas

2014.  “The Will of God”  Rhys Thomas

Sermon Text Files

pdf     2 John

pdf     Redeeming the Time

pdf     Jude

pdf     The Field is the World

pdf    Using the Word

pdf    Examine Yourself

pdf    The Big Picture

pdf    You Know You Have a Mission

pdf    Leadership

pdf    New Creation

pdf    Attitudes of Continued Unity

pdf    Do You Find Perfection to be Stressful?

pdf    Encouragements to Continued Unity

pdf    Expectations of the Assembly

pdf    Family of God

pdf    Grace

pdf    Liberty

pdf    Marriage in Ephesians

pdf    Now What?

pdf    The Will of God

pdf    Transformation

pdf    Obtaining the Promises