2 Tim 3:16            Romans 15:4             Luke 8:18            John 6:29           Mark 12:29-31   Titus 3:3-5           1 Cor 1:30                  Eph 6:17             Acts 4:12              1 Thes 5:9    Phil 3:3               2 John 9             Romans 7:6            2 Tim 1:7            2 Peter 3:18          2 Tim 1:9


 To all of God’s people who are scattered everywhere in the world:  Greetings.

James 2:10-11  A person who follows all of God’s law but fails to obey even one command is guilty…. you are guilty of breaking all of God’s law.

James 2:12-13  …you must show mercy to others, or God will not show mercy to you…

James 3:2 We all make many mistakes (We all stumble in many ways)   If people never said anything wrong,  they would be perfect and able to control their entire selves, too.

James 3:13  are you truly wise and understanding?  Show it  by living right and doing good things…that come from wisdom

James 3:14-16 If you are selfish and have jealousy in your hearts… It comes from the world…           

          Where jealousy and selfishness are,  there will be confusion and every kind of evil.

James 3:17 … wisdom that comes from God is first of all pure,  peaceful,  gentle,  and easy to please.    This wisdom is always ready to help… and to do good… It is always fair and honest

James 3:18       Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness

Chapter 4

Give Yourselves to God

James 4:1-3  Do you know where your fights and arguments come from? … selfish desires  You do not get what  you want, because you do not ask God…. you don’t receive because the reason you ask is wrong.

James 4:4-5  You should know that loving the world is the same as hating God.  “The Spirit that God made to live in us wants us for himself alone?”

James 4:6-10  God gives us even more grace… “God is against the proud, but he gives grace to the humble.  (Prov 3:34) Come near to God, and God will come near to you.  <promise> Humble yourself in the Lord’s presence, and he will honor you.    <promise>

You Are Not The Judge

James 4:11-12  If you speak against your fellow believers … you are judging…  (Romans 2:1) God is the only judge … it is not right for you to judge your neighbor

Let God Plan Your Life

James 4:13-15  …you do not know what will happen tomorrow!  Your life is like a mist .. So you should say,  “If the Lord wants, we will live and do this or that.

James 4:16-17  Anyone who knows the right thing to do,  but does not do it, is sinning