Class PowerPoint

The following are pdf files of the PowerPoint presentation, six frames to a page.  If you would like to have the PowerPoint file, please send a request via the Contact tab.

pdf     Am I Growing?
pdf     Authors of Bible Books
pdf     Baptism
pdf     Bible Study
pdf     Blessed by Works
pdf     Born Sinful
pdf     Called
pdf     Characteristics of Faith
pdf     Characteristics of Love
pdf     Christmas Traditions
pdf     Communion
pdf     Connections
pdf     Contentment
pdf     Daniel
pdf     Devotion
pdf     Dinah
pdf     Does It Matter?
pdf     Ecclesiastes
pdf     Encouragement
pdf     Ethic
pdf     Evangelism
pdf     Evidence
pdf     Evil
pdf     Examine Yourself
pdf     Ezra
pdf     Faith
pdf     Family
pdf     Five Fingers
pdf     Genesis
pdf     Glory
pdf     Good Deeds
pdf     Good News
pdf     Growing Faith
pdf     Healings by Jesus
pdf     Heaven
pdf     Hermeneutics
pdf     Holy
pdf     Hope
pdf     How Much?
pdf     In Christ
pdf     Indwelling Spirit
pdf     Islam
pdf     Israel’s Borders
pdf     Jeremiah
pdf     Jesus Is
pdf     Joshua
pdf     Judges
pdf     Justification
pdf     Law of Moses Summary
pdf     Not Wisdom but Power
pdf     One God
pdf     Old Testament in the New Testament
pdf     Personal Relationship
pdf     Prayer
pdf     Promises
pdf     Purpose of the Church
pdf     Resurrection
pdf     Sacrifice
pdf     Sanctification
pdf     Unity
pdf     What is Expected?