Character of Jesus 8

The Character of Jesus 8

Public Teaching in Galilee

Matthew 4:17, Mark 1:14 – 15, Luke 4:14 – 15, John 4:43 – 45

  • Characteristic:  Simplicity
    • Jesus understood the simple fact that people in His home region would have a hard time accepting Him, so He built up a reputation first.
    • Jesus’ message was characterized as good news
      • Concerning the promised kingdom
      • For the poor
      • About the gracious nature of God
      • Reality: about real life
      • About trusting God’s promises, not meeting benchmarks
      • Well planned, not reactionary
      • Adopting the parade of God’s character traits
      • Peace
      • Hope
    • The time is right (filled full)
    • The Kingdom is at hand
    • An appropriate response is to prepare (turn around, repent)
    • Took advantage of religious gatherings even if not according to Scripture
  • Applications
    • Prepare proof: the work of the Spirit, evidences, Jesus’ character and virtue
    • Present good news:
      • Jesus is in charge now
      • For common, imperfect, low-status people
      • Character development by the power of the Spirit, not superior self-control
      • Peace, hope, love; not guilt, uncertainty, and “me”
      • God planned this extremely well for a very long time
    • Every day is the right time
    • Be part of the best organization on earth
    • What do you think is the appropriate response?
    • Talk to religious people as well as outsiders