Character of Jesus 78

The Character of Jesus 78

Judas’ Betrayal and Peter’s Denial Foretold

(Matthew 26:21 – 25, 31 – 35, Mark 14:18 – 21, 27 – 31, Luke 22:21 – 23, 31 – 38, John 13:21 – 38)

  • Characteristic:  Honest about Bad Outcomes
    • Following the John account
      • Matthew 26:22 – 23 and Mark 14:19 add that the disciples were sorrowful at the announcement of betrayal.  Each asked, “Lord, is it I?”
      • Matthew 26:24 and Mark 14:21 imply an unnamed prophecy about this betrayal.  Perhaps He referred to Psalm 41:9, less likely Psalm 55:12 – 14, and that it would have been better if the betrayer had not been born.
      • In Matthew 26:31 and Mark 14:27, Jesus cited Zechariah 13:7 as a prediction of that the disciples would be scattered that night.
      • In Matthew 26:32 and Mark 14:28, Jesus told them that after His resurrection, He would go before them to Galilee.
      • Luke 22:31 – 32 includes that Jesus had prayed that Peter’s faith not fail.
      • Luke 22:35 – 37 includes Jesus’ reminder about previous trips when He had told them not to bring supplies.  But after this, they were to prepare themselves and be armed.
      • Luke 22:38 records that the disciples came up with two swords.
    • Jesus did not restrict His predictions to positive outcomes, or restrict Himself to bad things only about Himself.  He openly described His betrayal, the sad outcome of the betrayer, Peter’s denial, and the scattering of the disciples.
      • Could He have been more plain about Judas?  Why did the other eleven not catch on?
      • In the middle of all the dire predictions and revelations, He says, “Love one another.”
  • Application:  Honest about Bad Outcomes
    • Why should modern Christians talk about bad future events sometimes?
      • People should be prepared for bad outcomes rather than having their faith shaken when bad times happen.
      • Even if they do not believe it at the time, afterwards they will remember.
      • Being confident (which we should be) makes reversals all the worse.
      • Discovering that we are essentially clueless makes bad times worse.
    • How can modern Christians put some positivity into a dismal forecast?
      • In the middle of bad times, remember to love one another rather than turning inward.  The group is where we find strength.
      • Jesus displayed His parade of godly character traits in good times and bad.  Responding well in good times is easy.