Character of Jesus 7

The Character of Jesus 7

Talking with the Woman at the Well

John 4:5 – 42

  • Characteristic:  Taking opportunities outside the plan
    • Jesus’ objective was to go to the lost sheep of Israel (Matthew 10:6, 15:24).
    • Yet, He initiated a conversation with this woman resulting in a two-day delay.
    • The woman had a checkered past and an unacceptable present.
    • Jesus was pointed but not condemning.
    • As with Nicodemus, Jesus had high expectations of her ability to understand.
    • Jesus used the situation to teach His disciples, also.
  • Applications
    • Although we do not have a limited mandate like Jesus, we must, if only for practicality, set a target audience for ourselves.  But, opportunities outside the plan are likely.
    • We need to initiate contact, not just wait for outsiders to find us.
    • Don’t make plans (or promises) that rule out delays.
    • People of dubious background need the gospel, too.
    • People of dubious background know it.  There is no need to avoid the subject, just don’t condemn and thereby end the conversation.
    • Have high expectations; don’t insult their intelligence.
    • Use the unexpected opportunity as a lesson to more conventional brethren.