About Us


Simply put, we are a group of Christians who gather together regularly to build one another up, learn more about God, and celebrate being forgiven.  We spread the good news of Christ to those around us and participate with those who do so in other parts of the world.  We refer to ourselves as a church family more often than a congregation because of the close relationships and bonds we have with one another. While some churches have unwritten rules or regulations, we accept everyone just as they are and welcome them with open arms, just as Jesus did.  None of us have been particularly successful at running our own lives, so we take advantage of God’s offer to transform our characters so that the things we don’t like about ourselves will go away.

Part of being a group of “simply Christians” means we do our very best to provide a completely non-denominational environment in which liberty is practiced.  We trust God’s promise that He will straighten out our differences. We do not have headquarters or a leadership council, nor are we affiliated with any other church.

Our Beliefs and Teachings

Everyone is bombarded constantly by people trying to teach their opinions as fact.  We insist upon evidence.  Everything from the existence of God to the accuracy and validity of the Bible must be proved before being accepted.  We are willing to discuss these matters as equals, respectfully and calmly.  The following statements illustrate where most of us are, but not everyone.  Our objective during the times we are together is to build up, not tear down.

  1.  A consistent, loving God created the universe.  His purpose for this world is to be an incubator for faith.  His overall objective is to generate a big family that will last.
  2. The Bible can be proved to be the communication from that Creator, without factual errors and understandable by ordinary people with ordinary reading comprehension.
  3. God came to earth as the man, Jesus, to reconcile us to Him.  Through His sacrifice, He bought us out of our bankrupt right-and-wrong economy and transferred us to the faith economy.
  4. God has promised those who trust Him to develop the character traits for successful life on earth, as well as eternal life with that big family.  Through trust in His power, we can be transformed into the people we want to be: those who resemble Jesus.
  5. Through immersion, we publish our trust in His promises, including forgiveness, unity, and repair.  At the same time, we swear to be reserved for His purposes.
  6. Each week, through the Lord’s Supper, we remember Jesus and re-affirm our own commitment.
  7. We look for ways to encourage one another daily before our excuses start making sense.