Welcome. We have found that visitors often have questions and would like to know more about us, so we hope the information you find here will tell you what you want to know. We’re here to serve, so if you have any questions not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are a diverse group from all walks of life.  You need not worry about your clothes or hairstyle or personal decoration.  A Bible would be handy, but we will be happy to give you one.  We eat (potluck) when we get together because we enjoy the company of one another.  If you show up, we will feed you, too.  Classes are formatted for discussion.  The more formal assembly has the traditional prayers, singing, Lord’s Supper, and a sermon.  We are kid-friendly.  If they make noise, we smile.  We may seem a little invasive at first, but only because we want to get to know you quickly.

Please click through the tabs at the top of the screen to learn more about what we teach.  If you are looking for Bible class materials for your own church, please investigate the Resources tab.  We would be happy for you to use them.

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Sunday Services

Coffee and Donuts 9:30am

Bible Classes 10:00am

Assembly 11:00am

Lunch 12:00pm

Bible Study 1:30pm


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