2 Tim 3:16                   Romans 15:4             Luke 8:18              John 6:29                    Mark 12:29-31 Titus 3:3-5                 1 Cor 1:30                   Eph 6:17               Lam 3:21                  1 Peter 1:13        2 Tim 1:9                     Romans 7:6               2 Tim 1:7              2 Peter 3:18


2 Peter 3:18     But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Job 21:22  No one can teach knowledge to God;  he is the one who judges even the most important …

Isa 40:14 (12-14)  Who did he ask for help?  Who taught him the right way?  Who taught him knowledge and show him the way to understanding?

Solomon’s wisdom    2 Chron 1:7-13 “Now give me wisdom and knowledge so I can lead these people in the right way,  because no one can rule them without your help.”

King David:

Psalms 119:62-66   Teach me wisdom and knowledge because I trust your commands. 

                    72-73  Give me understanding so I can learn your commands.

Psalms 139:1-6  LORD, even before I say a word, you already know it.   Your knowledge is amazing to me;  it is more than I can understand.

Romans 1:28  People did not think it was important to have a true knowledge of God. So God left them and allowed them to have their own worthless thinking ….

Solomon writes:     Proverbs 1:7 Knowledge begins with respect for the LORD… (nlt,niv)

Proverbs 1:22-29    How long will you make fun of wisdom and hate knowledge?  29*

Proverbs 2:2-8   Only the LORD gives wisdom;  he gives knowledge and understanding.

Proverbs 8:9-11 People with good sense know what I say is true;  and those with knowledge know my words are right.

Proverbs 14:6-7  knowledge comes easily to those with understanding.  Stay away from fools…

Proverbs 15:2-4   Wise people use knowledge when the speak…  7 Wise people use their words to spread knowledge… 14  People with understanding want more knowledge…

Proverbs 18:15 The mind of a person with understanding gets knowledge;  the wise people listens to learn more.   21*

Proverbs 19:2-3 Enthusiasm without knowledge is not good…. People’s own foolishness ruins their lives,  in their minds they blame the LORD.      8*

Proverbs 20:15 …only a few people speak with knowledge.

Proverbs 21:11  if you teach the wise,  they will get knowledge.