2 Tim 3:16   Luke 8:18    2 John 9          1 Peter 2:24           2 Peter 3:18      2 Cor 1:20-22   Romans 15:4   Phil 3:10  Mark 12:29-31 Titus 2:11-15     Titus 3:3-5       2 Peter 1:16   Romans 13:8-10        James 2:12-13          Hosea 6:6             Ps 103:10        1 Cor 1:30       Eph 6:17

The Scripture is useful for teaching how to live right


Luke 8:18(nlt)       “So pay attention to how you hear.”

2 John 9             “Anyone who goes beyond Christ’s teaching…..

Eph 4:13  “….We must become like a mature person,  growing until we become like Christ and have his perfection.”

Phil 2:5    “In your lives you must think and act like Christ Jesus”

According to Scripture:

Heb 4:12   “God’s word is alive and working……

Eph 6:17   “…. take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Col 3:16    “Let the teachings of Christ live in you richly.”

Luke 11:28 “.. blessed are those who hear the teaching of God and obey it.”

James 1:22   Do what God says; when you only listen and do nothing, you are fooling yourselves.

James 1:25  “….truly happy people are those who carefully study God’s perfect law….  and they continue to study it.

Romans 5:1-11    2 “we are happy because of the hope we have of sharing God’s glory 11 “we are also very happy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ”

Proverbs 16:20 “Whoever listens to what is taught …, whoever trusts the Lord will be happy”

Psalms 5:11       “But let everyone who trusts you be happy…… who are happy because of you.

Psalms 19:7-8   “The teachings of the Lord are perfect;…. they make people happy.

Psalms 32:1-2   “Happy is the person whose sins are forgiven,….Happy is the person whom the Lord  does not consider guilty….

Psalms 40:4, 16 “Happy is the person who trusts in the Lord...16 “ They love you for saving them.

Psalms 119:1-2  “Happy are those who live pure lives, who follow the Lord’s teachings.”    “Happy are those who keep his rules, who try to obey him with their whole heart.”

James 1:12      “When people are tempted and still continue strong, they should be happy..

1 Peter 1:5-9 “God’s power protects you through your faith…This makes you very happy…

1 Peter 4:12-16 “..be happy that you are sharing in Christ’s sufferings so that you will be happy and full of joy when Christ comes again in glory.

Phil 4:12-13..I have learned the secret of being happy at any time in everything that happens…