Character of Jesus 9

The Character of Jesus 9

Healing a Nobleman’s Son

John 4:46 – 54

  • Characteristic:  Challenging
    • Jesus’ reputation for healing was well established.  The challenge was deciding what it meant.
    • (48) Jesus’ comment likely was intended for others who were present.  The nobleman came a goodly distance (~22 miles), so he had some level of confidence.
      • How many miracles are enough?
      • Does anyone draw conclusions?
    • (50) Later, Jesus went to the home of Jairus to heal his daughter (Mark 5:21 – 43), but this time challenged the man to raise his expectations.
  • Applications
    • Do we challenge people to draw conclusions?
      • How much evidence is enough?
      • If God is real, what should I do as a result?
      • If the Scriptures are true, what difference will that make to me?
      • What is a reasonable reaction to seeing the works of God?
    • Do we challenge people to raise their expectations?
      • First, we need to be sure that their initial expectations are reasonable.
      • Do we turn to God only in emergencies, when all else has failed?
      • Do people in general know what to expect from God?
      • Do they also have unfounded expectations?
      • Encourage people to confirm the details so as not to attribute to God something He did not do.
      • Encourage people to think through their expectations.
        • We cannot manipulate God.
        • God cannot violate free will.
        • God has a bigger perspective and is a lot smarter, so don’t insist on the only way you can see it working out.
        • What is best for you may not be what you think you want.