Character of Jesus 5

The Character of Jesus 5

First Cleansing of the Temple

John 2:13 – 25

  • Characteristic:  Personal responsibility
    • (13)  Jesus followed the Law, not considering Himself above it.
    • (15 – 16)  He took action at the perversion of the Law.
    • No one was injured and no property was lost.
    • Jesus was passionate, not Stoic.
    • (17)  He actions reminded His disciples of Psalm 69.
    • (19)  He gave physical evidence as required of prophets.
    • (24)  He did not entrust His mission to novice believers.
  • Applications
    • Each has the responsibility to grow into Jesus’ character.  Especially considering the power and tasks of the indwelling Spirit, we are not above the demands of faith and love.
    • Who decides what is a perversion and what is deficient teaching?
    • Whatever we decide to do, we cannot justify property damage or personal injury.
    • Passion is appropriate if used well.
    • Our actions should remind people of the Scriptures.
    • We need to give evidence of the work of the Spirit.
    • Build up the faithful.  Give others opportunity to grow.  But don’t let the system crash.