Character of Jesus 4

The Character of Jesus 4

At the Wedding Feast in Cana

John 2:1 – 11

Note:  John’s details eliminate modern objections.  These were ceremonial washing water pots, so absorbed wine was not present to potentially flavor the water.  The pots were filled to the top with water, so this was not dilution.  The host remarked on the high quality.

  • Characteristic: Balance
    • Jesus attended cultural celebrations
      • Wedding feasts are not mentioned in the Law
      • Both faithful and unfaithful people would be present
      • Some would eat and/or drink too much
    • Jesus kept all His objectives and responsibilities in view and found a way to address all the needs.
      • (4)  This was not the time for a big display, but He did not refuse to act.
      • (3 – 5) Jesus was not manipulated by His mother, but honored her unspoken request.
      • It seems that Mary knew about His abilities and His character so she instructed the servants as though she knew that the problem would be handled.
      • Apparently, Mary did not address side issues like embarrassment of the host.  The core problem was that the celebration would be ruined.
      • (9)  Jesus did not resort to extremes of secrecy, but kept things low-key.  The servants saw it all.
      • There was virtually no religious significance to this “helping hand,” except that it impressed John enough to record it here (20:30 – 31).
    • (10)  Quality is important.
  • Applications
    • Be part of your community.
    • Trust God that a way exists in which all needs can be met.
      • Sometimes we think that our way is the only way it can be done.
      • Tell God about the problem, not your solution.
      • Boil the problem down to its simplest.
    • Understand the needs of others.
      • The cultural needs of people are important.
      • The potential for misunderstanding by those looking for trouble is nothing.
    • Go with the flow.  Don’t over-think.
    • When you help, do it well.
    • Relax and enjoy the party.  Let evangelism be natural, not forced.