Character of Jesus 2

The Character of Jesus 2

The Temptation

Matthew 4:1 – 11, Mark 1:12 – 13, Luke 4:1 – 13

  • Characteristic: Faith
    • Led by the Spirit into the wilderness – yet He went.  See James 1:12 – 18.  Matthew 4:1 should read “being tempted by the devil.”
    • Hungered – yet did not create food (although He did under different circumstances).
    • Presented with a seemingly valid application of Scripture, saw the flaw.
    • Knowing Psalm 2:8 – 9, “I will give you the nations for your inheritance…You shall rule them with a rod of iron.”  Perhaps Satan was giving over control voluntarily.  Like the Muslim claim that Christians are free to practice their religion – but only if they pay a tax and assert that Muhammad is higher than Jesus.
  • Applications
    • Acting on the promises of God can lead into situations in which temptation through our own lusts may be more probable.  Trust God that we have the ability, through the indwelling Spirit, to overcome (Romans 8:13, 1 Corinthians 10:13).
    • The same action may be appropriate or inappropriate depending on the situation.
    • Scripture can be presented poorly.  We need to know the Word and logic well enough to see the flaws.
    • Evil does not give gifts; evil wants something in return.  Only good acts unselfishly.