Character of Jesus 12

The Character of Jesus 12

Healing Peter’s Mother-in-Law and Others While Preaching in Galilee

Matthew 8:14 – 17, Mark 1:29 – 39, Luke 4:38 – 44

  • Characteristic:  Purposeful
    • Peter and Andrew were from Bethsaida (John 1:44), and Jesus was teaching in Capernaum (Mark 1:21).  So, the two places must have been close enough to travel on a Sabbath (Mark 1:29, Luke 4:38).  Likely, this was Friday evening.
    • The crowds came carrying the sick after the Sabbath ended after sundown on Saturday (Mark 1:32, Matthew 8:16, Luke 4:40).
    • Disease and demon possession were different (Mark 1:32, Matthew 8:16).
    • Again, the demons were not allowed to speak (Mark 1:32, Luke 4:41).
    • Jesus rose very early (without an alarm clock) to pray alone (Mark 1:35)
    • Although more sick people surely were being brought (Luke 4:42), Jesus determined He should move on and visit more cities of Galilee (Mark 1:38, Luke 4:43).
    • Isaiah 53:4, cited in Matthew 8:17, was predicting that the Messiah would bear our spiritual, not our physical, ills.  Matthew revealed that the physical healings of Jesus were an illustration (fulfillment) of that concept.
  • Applications
    • Jesus took time for serious prayer, then set about accomplishing a plan.  Jesus was flexible (e.g., the woman at the well and spending an extra two days in Samaria, various people who diverted Him for a short time with special requests).
      • How confident are we that prayer will make a difference?
      • Do our prayers sometimes substitute for sleep?
      • Can we know that the plan made after praying is the right one?
      • Do our plans have flexibility built in?
    • Jesus determined to set out before everything was done in Bethsaida.
      • We should take the time to determine the overall goal before developing the details.
      • Do we have a plan or do we just go with the flow?
    • Jesus took advantage of gatherings where people were already inclined to listen to things about God.
      • Benevolence is good (in Jesus’ case, healing).  But help is a tool, not an end.
      • Jesus did not heal everyone.  We can’t fix everything.  Stick with the overall goal.
    • Make the connection between solving physical problems and solving spiritual problems.
    • What are our purposes?
      • Ambassadors
      • Comforters
      • Edifiers
      • Examples that the gospel makes stuff happen.
      • Illustrations of spiritual concepts