Romans 12:1 – 2      A living sacrifice demonstrates what is acceptable.

Romans 14:18          Righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit are acceptable

Romans 15:16          The universal church is acceptable

2 Corinthians 5:9     We seek to be acceptable

Ephesians 1:6           We were made acceptable by the Beloved

Ephesians 5:10         Goodness and righteousness and truth are acceptable

Philippians 4:18       Philippi’s gift was acceptable

Colossians 3:20        Obeying parents is acceptable

1 Timothy 2:3          Prayers for civil authorities, peace, and all men are acceptable

1 Timothy 5:4          Supporting aged parents is acceptable

Hebrews 12:28         Serving with reverence and fear due to grace and an unshakable kingdom

Hebrews 11:6           Faith is required to be acceptable

1 Peter 2:5                Priests offer acceptable spiritual sacrifices

1 Peter 2:20              Enduring persecution is acceptable