Jeremiah and Brittney Hostetter Buea, Cameroon, West Africa

  • Jeremiah and Brittney Hostetter began a new work in Buea, Cameroon, in January, 2012, after six years in Kumasi, Ghana.  Jeremiah is teaching and preaching in various congregations in the city and in surrounding villages.  They have begun a weight-training ministry from which they draw personal Bible studies.  In September 2014, they began their own school, now with 27 students.  Many studies and social events are held in their home.  They have three children: Hannah (11 in January), Jonathan (8 in February), and Carys (4½).
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 Syed Waqas

Syed Waqas of Punjab, Pakistan, completed his Master's degree in theology at Cincinnati Christian University and returned to Pakistan.  But, the atmosphere was still not acceptable for him, so he has returned to pursue a Masters in Divinity with the purpose of obtaining a teaching position in a Pakistani university in the area of Comparative Religions. A descendent of Muhammad, he was a sincere Muslim until beginning to investigate the teachings of Jesus over the internet.  After a year of study without face-to-face contact with any missionary, he became a Christian.  At great personal risk, he has assembled a group of 50 men of similar inquisitive nature, many of whom have been baptized.  His faith has caused him to be cut off from his family and community.  He has written and produced four 20-page tracts and two books in his native language.  In addition, the Christians with him have conducted several humanitarian efforts, teaching about Jesus at every opportunity.  He plans to develop his existing charitable and educational foundation to promote multicultural communication. Donations are used for office space, stationary, books and other printed materials, plus paying school fees for poor children and humanitarian projects.  Through these efforts, they make friends with people in whose culture benevolence is rare.  This leads to interfaith dialog that provides accurate information about the Bible, combating the misinformation so common in the Middle East.  Due to such activities, antagonism has slowed significantly and many investigate the New Testament.  

Adam and Abby Akola, Bolgatanga, Ghana

Adam and Abby Akola have been missionaries in Bolgatanga, Ghana, since 2010.  They run a Christian school, now with 22 students, conduct many Bible studies, and Adam preaches in various places.  They have two children, Jedidiah and Obadiah.  Details of their work may be accessed through