Character of Jesus 70

The Character of Jesus 70

Three Parables about Following

(Matthew 21:28 – 22:14, Mark 12:1 – 12, Luke 20:9 – 19)

  • Characteristic:  Follower
    • Using the Matthew account.
    • In asking about authority in Matthew 21:23 – 27, the chief priests and elders really were asking, “Why should I follow you?”  So, Jesus addressed the nature of following.
    • (28:28 – 32)  Following requires performance, not just claims.
      • Jesus did not force the chief priests and elders to admit that John was from God.  He just went on with His point as if they had agreed.
      • Refusing to follow was to refuse righteousness.
      • Their continued refusal exposed their stubbornness.
    • (21:33 – 46)  Following requires fulfilling the contract.
      • Having claimed to be the leaseholders of God, the chief priests and elders were obligated to carry through on the agreed terms (the Messiah), even though they later decided that they did not want to pay the lease payment.
      • The servants in the parable represented the prophets.
      • Even though the Messiah had been predicted to be unconventional, the chief priests and elders were obligated to follow because they had made that promise.
    • (22:1 – 14)  Following requires treating obligations with respect.
      • The point of this cultural situation was respect.
      • The king would not be thwarted from his objective of having a suitable wedding feast.  The disrespect of the original guests was not allowed to affect the outcome.
      • Even among the second set of guests, respect was expected.
  • Application:  Follower
    • In what ways does the modern church make claims of following, but fails to follow through?
      • Developing the character of Jesus.
    • In what ways does the modern church highjack the contract, perhaps because they had not anticipated exactly what they would be required to follow?
      • Establishing authority
    • In what ways does the modern church fail to show respect?
      • Church activities becoming low on the priority list.
    • From the positive side, on what aspects of following should the followers of Christ focus?
      • Trusting God
      • Selfless concern for people
      • Priority for communing with fellow believers

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